Distance from Lokeren to Brussels
Distance Lokeren Brussels

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Lokeren is located in the Flanders region and Brussels is located in the Brussels Capital region

37.5 km56.9 km1h43mn
  1. Continue onto Kerkstraat 0h0mn
    53 m
  2. Turn left onto Knokkestraat 0h0mn
    167 m
  3. Turn slight right onto Oud-Strijderslaan 0h0mn
    11 m
  4. Keep right onto Oud-Strijderslaan 0h1mn
    306 m
  5. Turn right onto Koning Albertlaan 0h1mn
    899 m
  6. Turn left onto Koning Boudewijnlaan, N47 0h1mn
    1.6 km
  7. Keep left 0h6mn
    9.7 km
  8. Keep right 0h0mn
    575 m
  9. Keep left 0h1mn
    2.0 km
  10. Keep right 0h0mn
    126 m
  11. Keep right 0h3mn
    4.0 km
  12. Continue onto Gewestweg, N16 0h10mn
    12.2 km
  13. Turn right 0h11mn
    19.2 km
  14. Keep right 0h1mn
    690 m
  15. Turn slight right onto Avenue du Parc Royal - Koninklijk Parklaan, N277 0h3mn
    2.4 km
  16. Keep right onto Avenue de la Reine - Koninginnelaan 0h1mn
    986 m
  17. Keep left onto Quai de Willebroeck - Willebroekkaai, N201 0h1mn
    844 m
  18. Turn right onto Boulevard de Dixmude - Diksmuidelaan 0h0mn
    147 m
  19. Turn left onto Boulevard d'Ypres - Ieperlaan 0h0mn
    194 m
  20. Continue onto Quai au Bois de Construction - Timmerhoutkaai 0h0mn
    194 m
  21. Turn left onto Rue du Marché aux Porcs - Varkensmarkt 0h0mn
    38 m
  22. Turn right onto Quai aux Briques - Baksteenkaai 0h1mn
    328 m
  23. Turn left onto Place Sainte-Catherine - Sint-Katelijneplein 0h0mn
    66 m
  24. Turn right onto Place Sainte-Catherine - Sint-Katelijneplein 0h0mn
    99 m
  25. Turn right onto Rue de la Vierge Noire - Zwarte Lievevrouwstraat 0h0mn
    12 m
  26. Turn right onto Rue Melsens - Melsensstraat 0h0mn
    70 m
  27. Arrive at destination 0h0mn
    0 m

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Calculation of the fastest route between Lokeren and Brussels


The above roadmap for the route Lokeren and Brussels represents the fastest route for this trip. The distance to go from Lokeren to Brussels is 56.9 km for a total duration of about 1h43mn.

The ratio between the calculated distance (between Lokeren and Brussels) and the distance in a straight line (as the crow flies) is 1.52 : so the distance of the calculated route is equivalent to 152% of the straight line distance. The distance for this route (56.9 km) exceeds the straight line distance (37.5 km) by 19.40 km.

The distance between Lokeren and Brussels is 37.5 km as the crow flies.

This page allows you to route planner between Lokeren and Brussels, the calculation of highway itinerary. It also allows the calculation of the route in transport by giving various indications on the distances and various routes between these 2 cities. You can also go to the link below to learn more about the return route between Brussels and Lokeren, as well as the different durations of the trips. For example, you will have the calculation of the distance for a road trip, by bike, on foot or by public transport (bus, metro, tram, train). For each mode of transport, you will be able to calculate the trip and the estimated time to make a trip between and Brussels.

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Below is a small summary in figures on the roadmap for a route calculation from Lokeren to Brussels.

Distance by car
Duration by car
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Cycling distance
Duration by bike

By car, the distance is 56.9 km, for a duration of about . the fuel cost is about for a diesel vehicle and about for a gas vehicle. By bicycle the distance is for a travel time of .

Further down on this page, you can consult other calculations of routes and distances from Lokeren to the biggest cities in France or to places and points of interest in the surroundings of Lokeren or the region Flanders.

If you wish to consult the route between Lokeren and Brussels by Bus, metro, tram or train, just go back to the form at the top of the page and change the mode of travel by choosing "Public Transport" and then validate. The route Lokeren / Brussels will be updated accordingly.

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Distances from Lokeren to major cities

Route Lokeren Halle at 15 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Braine-l'Alleud at 19 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Mechelen at 22 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Ninove at 23 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Wavre at 23 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Aalst at 24 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Leuven at 25 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Dendermonde at 26 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Geraardsbergen at 34 km from Brussels
Route Lokeren Lier at 35 km from Brussels

Distances from Brussels to nearby cities


Distances between Brussels and nearby cities

Get directions between Lokeren (Flanders) to Brussels (Brussels Capital)

Distancia entre Lokeren y Brussels 37.5 km
23.3 mi
Die Entfernung zwischen Lokeren und Brussels
Distância entre Lokeren e Brussels
Distance entre Lokeren et Brussels
Distanza da Lokeren a Brussels

Distances from Lokeren to nearby airports

Antwerp International Airport Distance from Lokeren to Antwerp International Airport 34 km
Ursel Distance from Lokeren to Ursel 37 km
Brussels Airport Distance from Lokeren to Brussels Airport 41 km
Brasschaat Distance from Lokeren to Brasschaat 44 km
Oostmalle Air Base Distance from Lokeren to Oostmalle Air Base 56 km
Wevelgem Airport Distance from Lokeren to Wevelgem Airport 64 km
Weelde Military Distance from Lokeren to Weelde Military 75 km
Ostend-Bruges International Airport Distance from Lokeren to Ostend-Bruges International Airport 79 km
Sint-Truiden Distance from Lokeren to Sint-Truiden 92 km
Koksijde Distance from Lokeren to Koksijde 94 km

General information about Lokeren

Time zone : Europe/Brussels
  • Country : Belgium
  • Capital : Brussels
  • Population : 37,567
  • Country Code (ISO) : BE / BEL
  • Phone code : +32 / 0032

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Distance from Lokeren to Waasland 12 km
Distance from Lokeren to Scheldeland 11 km
Distance from Lokeren to Polkenbos 9 km
Distance from Lokeren to Koninklijkbos 16 km
Distance from Lokeren to Heidebos 10 km

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